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or, The White Zombie


Moby-Dork is a hypertextual retelling of Moby-Dick set in a zombie world.


Years after societal collapse, a lone survivor calling himself iZhmael recounts the horrific end of the convoy Plymouth. The doomed crew of roughnecks fights for survival while rounding up hordes of the living dead for DeComp, a massive industrial plant that pulverizes and renders bodies into methane to power the lives of a shadowy, privileged few. Where Moby-Dick deconstructed whales in the tragic allegory of an industrial America then on the rise, Moby-Dork obsessively dismantles zombies and an American empire currently collapsing under the weight of its original sins. 

About the Author

Shane Castle is a writing professor and a senior affiliate editor of Alaska Quarterly Review. He piloted an honors course at the University of Alaska Anchorage called Zombology 101: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of the Undead, which paired an intensive research unit with a table-style role-playing game that rendered the tropes of zombie fictions interactive. His stories have appeared in West Branch, Black Warrior Review, Indiana Review, Santa Monica Review, Salamander, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, and elsewhere. 


Creative Commons


Zombies multiply, each iteration recognizable as zombie but uniquely its own. In keeping with this protean nature, Moby-Dork is open to replicate and adapt. Please strip, gut, smoosh, mash-up, rip apart, and stitch the narrative back together again. Simply do so under the terms of this Creative Commons license. If you use it in your own project, please cite the original and contact me using the form on the Contact page to direct me to it.

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